If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one solution is to have a denture. Here is how it works:

1. A denture is made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a natural appearance.

2. We use a digital scanner to take a detailed 3D scan of your mouth, unlike traditional impressions they are incredibly accurate without the mess or long time spent in the dentist chair. We send the scans to a dental laboratory who will make your dentures.

3. Dentures are made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove them for cleaning.

The revolutionary PEEK denture system means that uncomfortable, ill fitting, heavy dentures are now a things of the past.

PEEK is a medical grade polymer that is incredibly light, hard wearing and bio-compatible with the mouth. PEEK dentures fit snugly in the mouth making them far easier to wear and much comfortable that more traditional dentures.

When you wear a denture for the first time it may take some getting used to when speaking or eating and chewing. It is important that you take extra care when conducting your hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The hygienist will be able to show you how to best take care of your denture and gums and will tell you about specialised brushes you can use to do this.


• A solution to replacing several missing teeth.
• Designed to give you a natural-looking smile.

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  • "I received new top dentures and am very happy with them. They fit wonderfully and are the best set I have ever had. Before I had them I had to slice an apple before eating it, but now I can bite into it no problem. I have been a patient at this practice for several years: the service is outstanding as are the staff."

    Sharon Forrest


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