Dental Anxiety / Phobia

Some people are extremely anxious about dental treatment, to the point that they will completely avoid it until they are in pain. Please don’t neglect your teeth because you are afraid of dental appointments, as we can help overcome your fears.

At Whitecart we have a lot of patients who used to feel nervous about visiting us, but who now say that our care and reassurance has transformed the way they feel. 

We have several different ways of helping people with dental anxiety and dental phobia. Sometimes, all it takes is for your dentist to listen carefully to what your worries are and understand them. In other cases, patients may need additional help to ensure they can go ahead with their treatment.

Reassuring techniques for nervous patients

We offer IV sedation to our dentally phobic patients. Intravenous sedation or conscious sedation is a very safe and reliable method of controlling dental anxiety and phobia. 

The sedation is given through a small needle and it makes you feel relaxed and calm. You will remain conscious throughout your appointment and many patients do not remember much of their procedure. Treatment that may have taken an hour or more will seem to have taken less time.

We also offer hypnosis as another way to help relax nervous patients.

Please let us know when booking your appointment that you are anxious about dental visits and we will take the time to discuss your fears and anxieties and will consider which option will suit you best before agreeing on a treatment plan.

“By listening and hearing what our patients are afraid of we will be able to overcome those problems”
— Colin McClure


  • "Having been anxious for years about dental visits, I visited this practise after suffering dental pain was immediately felt reassured by the staff. Ended up having to get root treatment. I received first class care, felt no pain and had nothing to be worried about."

    Kenny Munro
  • "Phobia of the dentists that's me. Never trusted a dentist until now. I've had problems with my teeth most of my life. Feared the dentists and never found a dentist I could trust until now. Thanks to my neighbour who told me about Whitecart, she wasn't wrong, they actually treat like you like family. Margaret who is the receptionist makes you feel at home and not at a dentist. Makes you feel comfortable and at easy. My whole experience at whitecart has been one of the best experiences of my life, in fact it has changed my life and I actually love going to the dentist now. Massive thank you to my Dentist Carol and also Alexis for helping me achieve my smile back again."



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