Whitecart Dental Care aims to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act2018, the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), guidelines on the Information Commissioners website (ICO) as well as our professional guidelines and requirements.

You will be asked to provide personal information when joining the practice. The purpose of us processing this data is to provide optimum healthcare to you.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Dr Shaun McClure BDS. Contact details for our DPO are available on request from our practice by:


Telephone: 0141 637 5081

Our DPO is GDPR compliant.


• Name, DOB, address, next of kin.
• Contact we have had with you ie appointments and emails.
• Dental records and reports about your health, treatment and care.
• Any dental x-rays.
• Relevant information from people who care for you which include guardian or healthcare professional.
• Medical history which include GP contact details and email.
• Referral letters from other practices.
• Copies of out of practice referral letters or emails.
• All correspondence from the laboratories we use.
• Photographs of dental treatment – short term orthodontics, whitening, fillings and restorative dental work. All photographs are taken and kept securely on the practice computer with the individual’s full consent.
• Signed consent forms for photographs and treatment.
• Signed consent forms for use of video and written testimonials.
• Employee’s personal and financial details.


We need to keep comprehensive and accurate personal data about patients to provide you with safe and appropriate dental care. We will ask you to update your medical history and contact details every time you come in to see us and we would ask if there are changes to your circumstances to notify us as soon as possible.


We will retain your dental records, study models and personal data while you are a patient at Whitecart dental care and after you cease to be a patient for at least 11 years or for children until aged 25, whichever is longer. 


We never pass your details on to a third party unless we have a contract with them to process data on our behalf and will otherwise keep it confidential. If we refer a patient to another practice or secondary care we will gain the individual’s consent before the referral is sent and personal data is shared.

To provide proper and safe dental care we may need to disclose personal data about you to:

• Your GP
• Hospital/Glasgow dental hospital.
• Laboratories
• Other health professionals that are relevant to your care.
• Orthodontic practice.
• Referral practice for oral surgery.
• Agents and third parties as required by legal and law.


Personal data about patients and employees are kept on the practice computer system or in a locked manual filing system. The information is only accessible to authorized team members and is backed up routinely. We use a computer system called R4 Clinical plus by Carestream where all our computer data is stored securely in the UK. Our computer systems are maintained by IWT Services. Both companies are GDPR compliant and information on them will be freely available from the practice on request by:


Telephone: 0141 637 5081

If there is a serious data breach the practice will contact the ICO within 24hours where the breach will be investigated.


At Whitecart dental care we are aware and protect all individual rights which include:

• The right to be informed.
• The right of access.
• The right to rectification.
• The right to erasure.
• The right to restrict processing.
• The right to data portability.
• The right to object.


You have the right to access any personal data we hold about you and to receive a copy.


If you do not wish personal data about you to be processed, held or disclosed about you please discuss with the dentist. You have the right to object; however this may affect our ability to provide you with dental care.


When we consent for marketing, such as email marketing, this consent is specific, clear and prominent with an easily identifiable opt-in option. No consent option will be pre-ticked.

If you have any queries regarding our practice privacy notice or would like a copy of our practice policy on consent, please do not hesitate to contact the practice on:


Telephone: 0141 637 5081

For more information regarding the GDPR changes please contact the ICO helpline on:


Our practice privacy notice was reviewed and updated in May 2018.


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